Safe drinking water for all

Zimba is an international and multidisciplinary group aiming to improve access to safe drinking water for those millions around the world who currently lack this basic need.

The task we have undertaken to produce a device that adds chlorine to water safely, accurately and automatically, originated from D-Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We are now based in Kolkata, India, where we are manufacturing the devices – Zimba.

Local governments, International organisations and non-government organisations are making honest efforts to mitigate this problem for many people in this world who have no option but to consume biologically unsafe water. These organisations know that adding chlorine to biologically unsafe water in the right proportion can solve much of this problem, but do not have the appropriate tool to implement the use of chlorinated water. Zimba is this tool with which the water that these people consume becomes safe by default, by disinfecting the water that communities collect from their existing water sources.

It is said 90% of engineering designs are done for only 10% of the people – be it a simple fan or an air-conditioner, a car or an aeroplane, a laptop or a smart phone. While we agree that these innovations in science and technology are highly essential, we at Zimba realise that using our engineering and design skills we can also make life easier for the other 90%.


Photo courtesy Amy J. Pickering

Yes, together we can save lives